New Experiment Request

Starting a new SIMScells' experiment is as simple as clicking the New Experiment button in the USER CONTROL PANEL (at the top-right corner of the web page) and following the wizard instructions. It will guide you through the experiment request process, sequentially asking for:

  • experimentthe specific question which you want to address (experiment). For services other than the prediction of a mechanism of action, see the Coming soon section .
  • biothe experimental model (biological system) with which you want to work
  • stimulusthe way in which you want to 'treat' your system (stimulus), i.e. drug administration, gene knockdown/KO, protein inhibition/activation...
  • responsethe experimental response to analyse, i.e. disease, effect upon gene(s)/protein(s), drug indication/adverse event...

Each experiment is associated to a project. Projects act as folders that can contain one or more experiments, allowing you to group them together and better organize them according to your own criteria.