Model customization

As it is explained in the Truth Table section, in order to computationally recreate biological systems, SIMScell integrates the information of many sources, from public and private databases (including data about drugs, mutations, expression data...) to hand-reviewed scientific literature, as the biological system definition. For every biological system, all the known information contained in the Truth Table is treated as a set of ‘restrictions’ which its virtual model needs to observe in order to accurately resemble its real counterpart.

However, in SIMScells we believe that, the more knowledge included in the models, the better results will be obtained. Because of that, we also allow you to modify the default virtual model of your biological system by adding your own information and customizing the restrictions that the system must obey. In this way, we ensure that the virtual counterpart of your system is as accurate as possible, according to both our and your information.

There are several types of data that you can use to customize your virtual model.

  • • Gene/Protein Activity level
  • • New interactions
  • • Microarrays data
  • • Proteomics data