Once you have created an experiment, you can manage it in different ways, directly from the USER CONTROL PANEL located at the top-right corner of the webpage. You have different options:

The Experiment Tracking section allows you to follow the development of your report, also informing you if any incidence appears during the report delivery.

You can access it by clicking on the Experiment Tracking button in the USER CONTROL PANEL at the top-right corner of the webpage.

SIMScells will e-mail you when your results reports are ready. You can download them as PDF files via the Get Your Results button of the USER CONTROL PANEL (or alternatively the Advanced manager section, see below). They are stored and accessible for one year.

SIMScells will e-mail you a preview report when your experiments are completed. We also store your reports for one year, during which you may access them via the Get Your Results or Advanced Manager buttons of the USER CONTROL PANEL.

In both of these sections, you will find:

  •  Your free preview report
  •  A link to purchase the full SIMScells report(s) (see the Ordering Options section).
  •  Your full report(s), in case that you have already purchased them.

The Advanced Management is a tool created for advanced users. It summarizes in an integrated view all the project management options offered by SIMScells, enabling you to:

  •  Have a quick view of all your projects and experiments, and their development status.
  •  Expand your projects by adding new experiments or create new projects.
  •  Get detailed information or your experiments' parameters.
  •  Modify your experiments (only before calculations start).
  •  Delete projects and experiments.
  •  Access your results reports.
  •  Complete and/or submit your pending experiment requests.
  •  Review and download your invoices.