Questioning the model

Once we have created the model, what kind of information can we extract from it?

Depending on the question and the information we provide to the model, it will offer different types of answers.

Question Answer
Which mechanism of action explains the biological effects caused by my drug (or drug combination)? Mechanism of action
Which biomarker could be used to follow the effect of my compound in cells or in an organism? Mechanism of action
Biomarker candidates
The experimental models or individuals with which I work respond differently to the same treatment. Can their distinct genotypes explain this difference? Mechanism of action
Through which mechanisms of action could be a protein/gene misregulation be associated with a disease/clinical effect? Mechanism of action
In my experiment I combine siRNA and compound treatments. Are their mechanism of action interconnected? How should I interpret my results? Mechanism of action
Which are the main biological effects of a compound (or compound combination) in a specific system? List of biological effects Coming Soon!
Through which of its targets does a chemical compound (or compound combination) perform a specific biological effect? Target Coming Soon!