Clinical effects and Safety profile

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As we commented above in Methods Section, to simulate in a computer the behavior of the biological system we have to train the model to respond to specific stimulus like the real system does. The training step requires of the existence of enough and well-stablished stimulus-responses (or input-output) relationships for that real system (the Truth-Table). Through previous extensive analysis performed in our models, our system has discovered patterns associating known drugs from DrugBank to drug behavior, phenotypic actions and target identity over our protein networks. So, once the model has been trained and has learned to reproduce the known information and recognize patterns of behaviour, then it will be able to identify if the drug/molecule under study will produce any predictive phenotypic action following the same rules found for the rest of drugs from Truth-Table.

Figure 2 Anaxomics mathematical model. (A) The biological system is considered as an input-output system Specific inputs of known outputs, are given to test the system. (B) Example of an Input-Output signal

What forms the basis of efficacy and safety index?

The efficacy and safety index is a measure that indicates the capability of the network to move a perturbation from a certain point of the map to another point of the map. Usually these perturbations are inhibitions or activations of one or more proteins, which are for instance, the effect of a drug inhibiting or activating its targets. This perturbation moves its effect through the map and the effect is measured over specific proteins, called the effectors. The effectors are those proteins associated with physiopathological state and they are included in the Biological Effectors Database, which is referenced in the Patent US 61/255,299.

Therefore, the index is like a probability that a set of specific effectors will receive a perturbation from the other part of the map. This value, of course, is compared with known effects of drugs against the same effectors and it is in accordance with the Truth-Table.