SIMScell = Cell Simulation

SIMScells is an on-line computer tool addressed to academic and clinical researchers working in the field of biomedicine. It provides a platform where scientists can design and perform in silico the same experiments that they would perform in their wet labs, but with an additional benefit: SIMScells simulates the full cell behaviour, and offers researchers a systems biology analysis of their results, putting their genes, proteins, drugs or pathologies of interest in the context of the global human organism or another specific biological system such as a cell or a tissue.

Would you like to try it?

Getting started is as easy as clicking the "New Experiment" button in the User Control Panel and following the wizard

How can SIMScells help you?

SIMScells simulations may help researchers in two different ways

  •  They can be used as a predictive tool, helping the scientist to evaluate the most possible outcomes of an experiment before it is performed in the lab, therefore guiding him on his decision making
  •  SIMScells may also be used to analyse and understand the results obtained from an experiment already carried out in the lab. Its systems biology point of view and its mechanistically-driven technology provide complementary information to the researcher's data, helping him to obtain new conclusions.