Clinical Research

SIMScells can help you to answer these and many more questions commonly raised by clinical researchers, dealing with the interpretation of experimental results or the design of future experiments. By simulating the human being, both at the cellular and the organism levels, our on-line computer platform allows you to perform your experiment, predicting and analysing its outcome. You only need to choose your query:

 Protein/gene function characterization: Discover the function of specific proteins or genes, as well as their pathological associations and potential as therapeutic targets, in the global context of the cell or organism. [ more info ]

 Genetic mutations: Analyse the meaning of a genetic mutation or compare different genotypes to explain the different responses observed in distinct patients. [ more info ]

 Research on drugs: Learn more about your drugs of interest by taking advantage of systems biology.[ more info ]

 Treatment combination: When you expose your experimental model to several treatments at the same time (siRNA, compounds, stress, …) , are you sure you are interpreting correctly the results you obtain?[ more info ]

 Patients stratification: SIMScells drives you towards personalized medicine, making the most out of your patients expression data.[ more info ]

 Translational research: SIMScells helps you to remove the barriers between experimental models and humans, allowing the comparison and translation of data among them.[ more info ]

 Biomarker Discovery: Disease diagnosis, patients stratification in personalized medicine, drug effectiveness and adverse effects prediction,… Biomarkers have become an essential tool in medicine nowadays, and SIMScells may provide a key help to researchers working in this field.[ more info ]

 Pathology characterization: The complexity of pathologies can only be understood in the context of the full organism. Therefore, the system biology approach of SIMScells undoubtedly becomes a useful tool to researchers that want to dissect the mechanisms of action, diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, risk factors and therapeutic targets of a disease.[ more info ]

 Research on drugs: Learn more about your drugs of interest taking advantage of systems biology solutions.[ more info ]

SIMScells combines known and predicted information to help you to characterize your drug of interest (protein targets, affected pathways, mechanism of action), determine its pharmacological activity (toxicity issues and therapeutic area), and analyze the outcome of drug combination treatments. You should not skip these analyses if you are interested on drug repositioning, compound profiling and priorization and target identification.