Tech Transfer

As part of the society, scientist are well aware of the need to transfer their research results into novel therapeutic, diagnosis and other type of products, for the public good and to help the economic growth of the life sciences sector.

For this reason, SIMScells addresses some of its analysies to the valorization of knowledge, helping the scientists and Technology Transfer Organisms (TTO) to evaluate the patentability of their products, identifying their strengths and weakness and comparing them with other commercially available items.

This way, SIMScells provides known and predicted information to be considered when applying for a patent or during the process of research valorization.

  • Questions:
  •  I have determined the in vitro and in cell activity of a new compound but, which would be its activity in patients? Which side effects could I expect?
  •  I have five drug candidates but can move only one into animal experiments. Which one to choose?
  •  Which patentable drug combination could be effective for a disease?
  •  Which new indications could add value to my drug patent?
  • Benefits:
  •  Reduce cost of research
  •  Improve understanding of protein/gene function and mechanism of action
  •  Discover unexpected functions of a biomolecule
  •  Find out the clinical applicability of a protein/gene targeting
  •  Support decisions for potential combinations of developmental and existing drugs, or drugs with activity at multiple targets
  •  Reduce cost of animal experiments and clinical trials
  •  Help to design clinical trials
  •  Support of key decision making