Advantages of SIMScells

To date, customers benefiting from systems biology services have been mainly pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical industries. SIMScells' goal is to move this technology towards academic and clinical researchers, offering analyses that fit their research needs

  •  Focused on your specific research topic: Create the analysis that answers your precise question, by combining your experimental questions, your experimental model and the biological modifications in which you are interested (gene/protein up-/downregulation, drug treatment…).
  •  Customizable: The possibility of customizing your analysis is one of the main features that distinguish SIMScells' technology. You can adapt several aspects of the experiment to your needs, e.g.:
    • - Using your own (published or unpublished) data to improve the mathematical model created for your simulation.
    • - Specifying some parameters of special interest to you (proteins, genes…) to be monitored and included in your analysis report.
  •  Research expansion: With SIMScells, you can use the global viewpoint of systems biology to push forward the limits of your research. Answer such questions as: Which is the meaning of my hypothesis in the human physiology context? Which biomarkers and biological effects should I consider if I decide to move my research to in vivo models?
  •  Mechanistically-driven analyses: SIMScells analyses go beyond simply relating drugs, genes and proteins with their biological effects. They also offer molecular explanations, thus answering the question "why do things happen?"
  •  Provide innovative results: SIMScells does much more than cross-linking databases of updated knowledge. It creates predictive in silico models able to generate original hypotheses and, interestingly, guides researchers through the experimental testing of the analysis results.
  •  Applicability and patenting of your research: Some sections of the SIMScells' focus on the medical applicability, commercial interest and patentability of your research.
  •  Affordable prices keeping high quality standards: Our low prices do not affect the high quality services that SIMScells offers to all his customers.
  •  Fast and accurate results based on the evidence-backed insights from Anaxomics.