Mechanism of Action (MoA) Comparison

SIMScells offers its users the possibility of comparing and analysing two different mechanisms of action, defined by the same stimulus and response but by a different biological system. In that way, differential information about the physiological pathways and biological effectors altered in one or other biological systems can be provided. This information gives an insight of the existing differences in the biological systems, referring to the MoA studied.

  •  MoA Comparison Report: a report showing and analysing the differences between the molecular mechanisms which link your chosen modifications (stimuli) in both biological systems with their response. Related biological information is also provided to facilitate researchers the validation process.

    An Example of MoA Comparison Report is available for you to download.

    You can refer to the Mechanism of Action information in the Methodology section for a more detailed explanation of the general methods behind this report.

  •  Anaxomics consulting services: ANAXOMICS team has long-time experience in the fields of systems biology, drug development and biomedical research. If you need assessment in the interpretation of the results, you can contract our services to filter or validate your results using bibliographical sources, validate the links of the MoA and help you discover new exploitation possibilities for your results.