Microarray analysis COMING SOON!!

Classical microarray analysis is based on statistical analysis. SIMScells offers you an alternative way to understand your microarray results, giving you a mechanistic explanation of your topic of interest through a systems biology perspective.

SIMScells microarray analysis provides its users with systems biology solutions to experiments that fit the following design:

  • Two cohorts (two different sets of microarray samples, case and control).
  • Case cohort is characterized by an intervention (drug treatment, gene deletion, protein overexpression… ) with respect to control cohort, which effect is what is wanted to be analysed. The intervention will be defined as the Stimulus.
  • The intervention produces a clinical outcome over the biological system, which will be defined as Response.

microarray report

  •  Microarray Analysis Report: SIMScells microarray analysis consists of a classical statistical interpretation followed by a systems biology-based, mechanistic interpretation of the microarray data. These two analyses are complementary and provide different pieces of information:
    • Sample clusterization from statistical analysis is performed for a preliminary assessment of the general differences in gene expression between the cohorts.
    • Identification of differentially expressed patterns (proteins, GO enrichment, pathways)
    • Differential mechanism of action, which provides a mechanistic explanation for microarray results and a profound gene/protein activity analysis
    • Potential MoA validation markers
  •  Anaxomics consulting services: ANAXOMICS team has long-time experience in the fields of systems biology, drug development and biomedical research. If you need assessment in the interpretation of the results, you can contract our services to filter or validate your results using bibliographical sources, validate the links of the MoA and help you discover new exploitation possibilities for your results.